Saturday, June 24, 2006

Simple Saturday

How I enjoy a great photo! Just wish I could take one! I practice every chance I get. My mom and I went to a daylily farm to tour the various daylillies in the many prepared beds. The varieties were colorful and I managed to come home with a Chicago Sunrise and a Pardon Me as well as a few photos!

A little something spied on my mom's back porch.

Who can resist the fascination of a ladybug!

Lonely Tomato

I planted two tomato plants at the side of my house in the landscaping in May. Both plants appear to be growing quite nicely with lots of blooms. I monitor them quite frequently to make sure the family dog has not nibbled the branches because she loves to trim my landscaping. Seems all is well. I became quite excited when a tiny green bud appeared and it has grown to the size of a tennis ball and is nice and green.'s the only one! I keep waiting for it to turn red but there is no hint of it turning. There are lots of other blooms but nothing is becoming of them. Unforturnately, the soil is extremely poor on the property, mostly clay. It may be that the plants' roots have hit the clay soil and can't seem to grow any more. Who knows. I love green tomatoes but I thought I'd let the first one turn red. I can't wait for the lucious taste of something that is not HOT HOUSE!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Purse

My daughter picked out this purse pattern from the book Pursenality Plus. This is the Double Delight. She picked out the colors, beads and handles. This is what it looked like when I finally finished knitting it. So far so good. I thought it turned out quite nice. This is before felting.

It didn't shrink as much as I would've liked so I felted it twice. It appears to be much larger than the photo in the book and what my daughter would like it to be. I tried to come up with other ways to decorate the purse so that she would be happy with it and use it. She suggested making it into a bag with a drawstring around the top for a closure.

I thought that would be a great idea and realized she was going to use it to lug her things to the pool. As I looked for some sort of drawstring and embelishments I realized that this was becoming an expensive project...the yarn alone was around $27.00. Mind you, I had bought beads and handles too. I did find some neat handles in the curtain/tassle department, and the right color too. Then I found some very nice buttons. I thought they would be nice to hook the handles onto. Dummy me wasn't thinking. I only bought two buttons and I needed four.

I was so excited about my purchases that Iwas determined to finish this purse Friday night. I had to make a run out anyway to Wally World so while I was there I checked out their sewing department and bought more buttons, different from the original. Finally home, I began my task of finishing the purse. My husband put in a movie, Jarhead. I worked on knitting the loop that would be the closure for the purse. I knitted during the whole movie and finished about the time it was over. The rest was tedious but I finally finished!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I love being creative. Unfortunately my creative abilities seem to fall behind my creative ideas for projects. I attribute my latest hobby to my most creative friend, Ragged Around the Edges. She coaxed me into and is teaching me knitting and I thoroughly enjoy it. In spending time with her and learning this new hobby, I have come to realize she has some very creative talents. She's quite the photographer. I love the pictures of her projects and other subjects she posts on her website. I have also learned more about her. She's a generous, kind soul and I enjoy her friendship very much.

Below are my finished projects since learning knitting. I have tried very hard to keep up with Ragged but she is so much more advanced.

My First Projects: Scarves Second Project Third Scarf My first felted project: Before After:
My first hatMy Stash

I gave up reading as a hobby a long time ago and have been searching for a creative outlet. I am so thankful that I have found a hobby.