Thursday, October 26, 2006

Packages! It's not even Christmas!

Ragged and I have been patiently waiting for a joint purchase to show up in the mail. I have emailed her daily to find out if it had arrived. I ordered a set of knitting needles from Knit Picks. I had been reading reviews and looking at prices and finally gave in and bought their advertised set. I am so excited! On my way home from work I called Ragged and asked if I should stop by her house. She said yes! She had just arrived home and noticed the package had arrived. She was just as excited as I as she had already broke into the box to see all that awaited us. Finally there, we both ripped into the various packages to check everything out. We looked like two kids ripping into presents at Christmas! The needles looked so nice and shiny. They are everything I have read and heard. I told Ragged I was going to exchange the needles with my current project to begin knitting with them immediately. I told her she could borrow any of them if she wished. Gosh knows I don't do as many projects as she in a given time period. Ragged had ordered some beautiful baby alpaca yarn in a lovely fall color for a future project (it was soooooo soft!) and a book with sock projects to her heart's desire. Since I left her house, I've been home filling the organizer and changing out the needles on my project. They were easy to assemble, just like they say! I had to prepare to knit with Grey's Anatomy! Then, I thought I should to take a picture and post first. So, now that I have accomplished everything, I am so ready to knit!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Apples and Fall Go Together

Finally the leaves are turning! I've always heard that the more rain there is during the summer months that the more vibrant the foliage colors will be in the Fall. This wwekend has been beautiful! The leaves are finally popping with color! I'll need to post a picture for your enjoyment. Needless to say, volleyball is over and this has been another catch up weekend. I decided to make up for all the missed family meals and make some fall goodies. Candy apples! Nothing better! I also made s scrumptious meal of fried chicken! Something thats's rare around here. Baked is so much easier. But it was worth the reaction from the family!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Booga Bag 2006

This is one my works in progress. It's a bag for my sister who lives in Florida. Hopefully, I will finish it soon as I have several things I would like to mail to her with it. I knitted another dishcloth and was hoping to have something else knitted up for her but she just may have to wait for a Christmas surprise!

Volleyball is almost over. My oldest daughter plays on her high school's varsity team and has traveled extensively to different tournaments throughout the year. As well, my youngest plays for her middle school team....they also have traveled to several tournaments. The varsity will be playing their regional tournament this coming week and hopefully will be traveling to the state tournament. These games are where I get some of my knitting done. The waiting between matches is sometimes long. I hate to see the games end because I like watching, but the traveling gets old and I am anxious about spending some time at home for a change. Gosh knows between knitting and volleyball, the house is a mess!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What you can do in a Pinch

(Pre-felted Romantic Ruffles)

This cute purse knitted up easily. It is from a pattern called Romantic Ruffles felted handbag by Kate Lemmers. I used Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes, Tulip color with a decorative yarn in the ruffle. I was pressed for time in finishing this project as my daughter intended to give it one of her friends as a birthday gift. I had to buy handles to attach as I did not have the time to knit them. I thought it finished it nicely. I hope her friend enjoys it.