Monday, September 18, 2006

Dad's Birthday Hat

I have finally finished a project. I began knitting this hat last weekend with size 7 needles. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, Walnut color. The pattern I used was a combination of the London Beanie and the J Crew Style Hat. I really like the London Beanie pattern, it seems fairly easy. But it wasn't quite big enough. I know my dad would want something that would cover his ears. He doesn't like the cold much. I think I'll knit him a matching scarf with the yarn that's left. His birthday is next week. So maybe I'll have something new to post!

Friday, September 08, 2006


OK! I give up! I have abandoned the SOB sock! I have talked with and received some excellent advice from others as well as some excellent sites to refer to. I just haven't been able to conquer the SOB sock. My last attempt resulted in broken thread. That did it. The heel flap is not the's what comes after. I have decided that my skill level is just not there yet.

I need to work on some other projects. I have actually finished a dishrag, which I tried to knit up 6 months ago and had trouble with. I gave it to my sister to take back with her to Florida. She came in for a quick visit over the Labor Day holiday and said she had one that she had received from someone and used it until it fell apart....she really liked it. So I knit one quickly in a day for her. I am actully working on another and will send her a few in the mail. She also wanted me to knit her a wrap. Living in Florida that's all she sometimes needs for warmth. Since Ragged and I had planned a little shopping spree at the LYS (there was a sale going on!), I purchased some lovely Berroco Cotton Twist in the shade Gravel. It has a pretty little shiney thread running through it. I can't wait to get started. I also purchased some Addi's! So, when I attempt to conquer the SOB I will prevail!