Friday, December 29, 2006

Ahhh! The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over and now we enjoy the fact that we are off from work, entertaining guests, visiting with families! I love it. I did finish the hat project for my beloved. I hope he liked it. I finished it on Christmas Eve. Speaking of Christmas, I received some very nice gifts. A ball winder! My husband consulted Ragged on where to acquire one and also included in the package was a sock kit that included the book "Knitting in the Round" with yarn and two #1 circular needles! I was very excited! I also received two travel coffee mugs which I requested. One is made where you can insert pictures. The kids made a very cute page of pictures with some of my favorites and put them into the holder of the cup. It looks great. I also received a nice knitting bag from my mother which was desperately needed and a co-worker gave me the book domiKnitrix. These, along with the special gifts from Ragged chronicled in an earlier entry, I am so happy! Thanks EVERYONE!

The hat is made from Malabrigo yarn that Ragged and I purchased at a holiday open house from a yarn store in a nearby town. The hat pattern I used is a version of the London Beanie.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Special Friends

Ragged and I got together here at my house for a little dinner and Grey's Anatomy ...and knitting of course. We also exchanged Christmas gifts. She is too good to me. I received a very nice copy of the Knitter's Handbook and a gift certificate to our nearest LYS. I am so excited! Thanks Ragged!

A couple of weeks ago Ragged and I met up to attend a holiday open house in a nice yarn store in a nearby town. We had a great time. We milled around for more than an hour coveting yarns and touching them all. We even came away with a few goodies. I had noticed that Ragged had some Lorna's Laces in her basket at one time, I had the same in mine. I made it home with mine, she had changed her mind and left hers behind. I know she loves Lorna's Laces and the color is gorgeous. So, I made a trip back and that's what she received from me along with a gift certificate for a book. She has a vast collection of knitting books and she is an avid reader. So I didn't want to take any chances on duplicating anything she may already have. It was a lot of fun having her over, although the dinner could have been better. We did have a nice dessert, peppermint ice cream. Everytime we have time to get together I learn that she and I have a lot of the same interests and tastes. It's pretty amazing. She's a special person and I am pleased to have her as my friend. I wish her and Cynical a very Merry Christmas.


Last night my husband and I decided to go out to dinner after dropping our youngest at the movie theater. On the drive into town I started, sorta daydreaming. I was thinking to myself, at 42 years old, I long for when I was at a much younger age and that feeling I felt when my family took drives to our grandparents homes to visit. The drive took 45 minutes to an hour to make on winding roads deeper into the country. Sometimes the weather was bright and sunny, sometimes not. Sometimes there would be a dusting of snow on the ground. But I remember looking out the window of the car and daydreaming, my mind would literally wonder wildly from one thing to the next....I would watch the hillsides with the trees go by, if it was fall, I would notice the vibrant colors and also notice how it made me feel inside to see it. It was an overwhelming feeling. Then, my mind would wonder to how the sun was casting shadows along the road, glistening through the trees, warming my face as I peered outside in a daydreamed daze. But all the while, noticing how it made me feel inside. I hoped I would never lose that feeling. But, somewhere down the road of age, I can't seem to find it. Imagination, daydreams, they just aren't the same. Is it because when I was younger and not having experienced a lot in life as of yet, I imagined what it would be like to actually experience whatever I happpened to be daydreaming about. Now that I am older and have experienced those feelings, there is nothing to imagine. No feeling to imagine, because I have already experienced them. I miss it. This morning I was reading Scrumptious Living and it was like looking into a mirror. I do the same, wanting everything to be perfect and working like a dog to get it there and when it doesn't get there, I am somewhat dissappointed. I retreat. I try not to be let down, I tell myself that there are always other things that have to be considered that get into the way of the perfection. Others wants and needs. You know I try, but sometimes it just isn't good enough. Sometimes, I don't have the inner strength, much less the physical strength to pull it off and I just want to give up. It's such an uphill battle. Should it be? Is that the way it is supposed to be? When do you get to enjoy that feeling inside? At what point is it all perfect? Just when you think you have it perfect, something comes along and sheds a light of imperfection. ~~These are ramblings, because that's what I needed today. To ramble. It's imperfect.

I've been struggling with getting into that mood for the season, be it creative or festive. It usually comes early for me. I love this time of year. I think back on how perfect my mother made everything at this time of year. She too struggled for that perfection, to have everything done, she still does. This year, so far for me that mood is just not here. I so want it to be, it's going to mess with my perception of perfection if it doesn't come. My perfection will be less if it doesn't come. ~~These are ramblings, because that's what I needed today. To ramble. It's imperfect.

The picture was taken in October of the woods outside the back of our home. Of course pictures never do justice to the vivid colors we experience in Kentucky during the Fall.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Making Progress!

This is my latest finished project. A simple scarf. The yarns used here are Trends Baroque (light blue/blue) and Yarn Bee's Topkapi (navy). I ran the Baroque and Topkapi together then dropped the Baroque for several rows then picked it back up. I did it mainly to stretch out the Baroque. The scarf is a tad short for wrapping but can be crossed.

I am now working to finish a purse and felt it by this weekend. Then I can begin a few other projects and hopefully have those finished in time to give as Christmas gifts. Santa has so much to do! And yes, I worked on this during Grey's Anatomy instead of knitting!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Different Kind of Turkey

Our family typically celebrates thanksgiving in a traditional manner. Go to mom and dad's (or grandparents) house, (usually less than a 20 minute trip from home) take a dish, visit with family. Most of the women are gathered in the kitchen putting in their helping hand with the men watching a ballgame or the parade on the television and snacking (on food and beverages).

This year we did the same only in a different place. I have a sister who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and my dad called me early in the week of Thanksgiving to ask if we'd like to make a surprise visit to her house for turkey day. It would be a major road trip (16 hour trip) for just a two day visit. Spontaneous fun staring me in the face, I was up for it. We decided to keep it a secret because my sister had invited my aunt and uncle (my dad's sister) from South Carolina for Thanksgiving. My sister had plans to cook for them. We wanted to surprise them all. We packed the car on Wednesday morning and left Kentucky around 3 a.m.

The trip down wasn't toooooo bad. We kept conversing back and forth about whether to call my sister to let her know we are coming or keeping it as a we grew closer to the destination, my mom and I were beginning to get a little apprehensive about possibly intruding on the visitors that were invited to be there. We also reminisced about how one year we had made a trip to my aunt's house in South Carolina and surprised her.

As we approached my sister's house, probably about 5 miles from it, we get a cell call from her husband telling us that my aunt and uncle had arrived and they had finished dinner and were preparing to make pies for the upcoming T-day meal. It was probably around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. Conversation was carried on while we were sitting outside their home in our car. We still had cell phone to ear when we knocked at the door. My two teenage girls were at the door first, for confusion and surprise. My uncle had passed his phone to my sister to answer the door. His disbelief at seeing the two girls was apparent when he blurted, "What the heck is going on?" As we all began trickling into the house the faces were so surprised! It was unbelievable that they really had no idea we were coming.....the cat had not been let out of the bag! It was great! It was an awesome surprise to all. The surprise alone was worth the trip.

We helped finish making the pies and assured my sister we would have enough food because we did bring some things in preparation. The next morning, we began our task of preparing the grand meal. The weather was awesome! (Thanksgiving Day in Kentucky is usually unpredictable. We may have a flurry or two or we may have 75 degree weather). The day had been extremelysunny, 60-75 degree weather....we sat on my sister's porch by the pool most of the day snacking and resting in between preparing dishes. After the meal, we decided to take a trek on the beach to make room for some pie! We had been snacking and eating all day it seemed. So, all the girls piled into the car and drove down to the beach to catch the sunset. I couldn't help thinking as we watched the sunset and felt the slightly cool breeze on our faces as to what a different kind of Thanksgiving Day it was, but how it was really kind of the same being with family. It was an overwhelming feeling to know that no matter where or how you celebrate it, that family makes it all so familiar.

A different kind of turkey!
(Pictures taken at St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
Thanksgiving - November 2006)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gauge the Grey

This is one of my WIP. It's a sweater. I haven't figured out how to knit by gauge so I already know it's not going to fit me. I just don't get it. I guess I could frog it and use a bigger needle. Maybe that would help. I had the desire to knit my first garment. So far this has been really easy to knit and I really like the pattern. But it is not going to fit. I even followed the bigger size knowing it wouldn't from the start. Oh well, I am using Paton's Simply Soft yarn, it was on sale .99 a skein. Can't beat that! I've got to learn to gauge.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Knit Mitt Kit Swap

I have entered my first swap and the following questions have been provided to help the swap partner. I have answered them in hopes that my partner will find out needed information.

What are your favorite colors? Blue, Aqua, bluegreen, browns, oranges, fall like colors.

Are you a new mitt knitter?
How long have you been knitting mittens? I have never knit mittens or gloves yet. I've been knitting for about a year.

Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn? Mostly solid, some multicolored

What fibers do you prefer in mitten yarn?
Soft and warm.

Where do you usually knit mittens?
Probably at home or a ballgame.

How do you usually carry/store small projects?
I have a bag that I knitted and felted that I carry my projects in.

What are your favorite mitten patterns?

What are your favorite mitten knitting techniques? Easy

What new techniques would you like to try? Cable technique

What are your favorite needles for knitting mittens?
I like to knit in the round.

What are some of your favorite yarns? Gallway, Noro, Wool of the Andes

What yarn do you totally covet? Cashmere

Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object?
hmmmm probably some kind of sweater. (I have yet to master guage!)

Favorite kind of needles (brand, materials, straights or circs, etc)?
Circulars (I just got a set of Knit Picks Options) Bamboo is nice too.

If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be?
Too hard to decide.

Do you have a favorite candy or mail-able snack? Anything! :)

What’s your favorite animal? Cat (But I am allergic!)

Would you prefer super warm mittens or something more like fingerless mitts? Super warm, but the other would be interesting.

If you were a color what color would you be?

What is your most inspiring image, flower, or object in nature?
Poppies, Cosmos, hydrangeas

Do you have a wishlist?
Not yet, I just like everything! Plus there is so much to choose from, very overwhelming!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Packages! It's not even Christmas!

Ragged and I have been patiently waiting for a joint purchase to show up in the mail. I have emailed her daily to find out if it had arrived. I ordered a set of knitting needles from Knit Picks. I had been reading reviews and looking at prices and finally gave in and bought their advertised set. I am so excited! On my way home from work I called Ragged and asked if I should stop by her house. She said yes! She had just arrived home and noticed the package had arrived. She was just as excited as I as she had already broke into the box to see all that awaited us. Finally there, we both ripped into the various packages to check everything out. We looked like two kids ripping into presents at Christmas! The needles looked so nice and shiny. They are everything I have read and heard. I told Ragged I was going to exchange the needles with my current project to begin knitting with them immediately. I told her she could borrow any of them if she wished. Gosh knows I don't do as many projects as she in a given time period. Ragged had ordered some beautiful baby alpaca yarn in a lovely fall color for a future project (it was soooooo soft!) and a book with sock projects to her heart's desire. Since I left her house, I've been home filling the organizer and changing out the needles on my project. They were easy to assemble, just like they say! I had to prepare to knit with Grey's Anatomy! Then, I thought I should to take a picture and post first. So, now that I have accomplished everything, I am so ready to knit!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Apples and Fall Go Together

Finally the leaves are turning! I've always heard that the more rain there is during the summer months that the more vibrant the foliage colors will be in the Fall. This wwekend has been beautiful! The leaves are finally popping with color! I'll need to post a picture for your enjoyment. Needless to say, volleyball is over and this has been another catch up weekend. I decided to make up for all the missed family meals and make some fall goodies. Candy apples! Nothing better! I also made s scrumptious meal of fried chicken! Something thats's rare around here. Baked is so much easier. But it was worth the reaction from the family!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Booga Bag 2006

This is one my works in progress. It's a bag for my sister who lives in Florida. Hopefully, I will finish it soon as I have several things I would like to mail to her with it. I knitted another dishcloth and was hoping to have something else knitted up for her but she just may have to wait for a Christmas surprise!

Volleyball is almost over. My oldest daughter plays on her high school's varsity team and has traveled extensively to different tournaments throughout the year. As well, my youngest plays for her middle school team....they also have traveled to several tournaments. The varsity will be playing their regional tournament this coming week and hopefully will be traveling to the state tournament. These games are where I get some of my knitting done. The waiting between matches is sometimes long. I hate to see the games end because I like watching, but the traveling gets old and I am anxious about spending some time at home for a change. Gosh knows between knitting and volleyball, the house is a mess!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What you can do in a Pinch

(Pre-felted Romantic Ruffles)

This cute purse knitted up easily. It is from a pattern called Romantic Ruffles felted handbag by Kate Lemmers. I used Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes, Tulip color with a decorative yarn in the ruffle. I was pressed for time in finishing this project as my daughter intended to give it one of her friends as a birthday gift. I had to buy handles to attach as I did not have the time to knit them. I thought it finished it nicely. I hope her friend enjoys it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dad's Birthday Hat

I have finally finished a project. I began knitting this hat last weekend with size 7 needles. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, Walnut color. The pattern I used was a combination of the London Beanie and the J Crew Style Hat. I really like the London Beanie pattern, it seems fairly easy. But it wasn't quite big enough. I know my dad would want something that would cover his ears. He doesn't like the cold much. I think I'll knit him a matching scarf with the yarn that's left. His birthday is next week. So maybe I'll have something new to post!

Friday, September 08, 2006


OK! I give up! I have abandoned the SOB sock! I have talked with and received some excellent advice from others as well as some excellent sites to refer to. I just haven't been able to conquer the SOB sock. My last attempt resulted in broken thread. That did it. The heel flap is not the's what comes after. I have decided that my skill level is just not there yet.

I need to work on some other projects. I have actually finished a dishrag, which I tried to knit up 6 months ago and had trouble with. I gave it to my sister to take back with her to Florida. She came in for a quick visit over the Labor Day holiday and said she had one that she had received from someone and used it until it fell apart....she really liked it. So I knit one quickly in a day for her. I am actully working on another and will send her a few in the mail. She also wanted me to knit her a wrap. Living in Florida that's all she sometimes needs for warmth. Since Ragged and I had planned a little shopping spree at the LYS (there was a sale going on!), I purchased some lovely Berroco Cotton Twist in the shade Gravel. It has a pretty little shiney thread running through it. I can't wait to get started. I also purchased some Addi's! So, when I attempt to conquer the SOB I will prevail!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not Much Goin On

Not much goin' on here. I keep checking my blog thinking something new is going to show up on it, all by itself. I have been working like the dickens to knit a pair of footies. My first ever sock project. It is wearing me out! I have begun the sock/footie about a billion times. I just can't seem to get the short row wraps right. My husband is making fun of me spending so much time on this one footie.....that I could have bought a pair cheaper than the time I have wrapped up in it. Well, we all know it's about the conquest of the project itself. Not to mention the item that can be used or given as a gift. Besides, when I do finally achieve this pattern, I have advanced my knitting abilities just a little further. This has proven the most difficult project yet. I can't wait to conquer!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer is all but Gone!'s been a while since I've had anything of worthy interest to update here. Another purse is finally finished. Sorry to say that these pictures do not do the color justice. The yarn is Gallway and I think the color is Mango. The Fun Fur is Tuti Fruiti. It actually went together very well. I am going to try to make one of those felted flowers for embellishment. My eldest daughter will use this purse, so I might make the flower so it can be pinned on.

I am currently working a scarf and have begun my first sock. I chose a footie pattern. In my haste to get one started, I have cast on, created the ribbed edge and now I have no idea where to go next in reading the pattern. Needless to say the sock has been ripped out and begun three times already and I have realized my ribbed edge is wrong. Guess I should learn how to read the pattern before I begin my project huh? I was just too excited to begin. Never fear, Ragged will help me. She is becoming a sock connoisseur and has made some lovely creations.

I should have a lot more time for knitting projects now that my girls will be going back to school. They are both playing volleyball. I enjoy watching the games but sitting at tournaments, watching and waiting between matches can get a little boring without something interesting to occupy the time. This will be a great time to begin my winter projects and Christmas gifts.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Hot Don!

. . . It's HOT, HOT, HOT!

Lucky for us there is air conditioning, swimming and knitting!!!!

What's on the sticks? Another purse
from Pursenality Plus, the All in One.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

Yes, I have been busy with knitting, vacation, work, knitting, kids to camp, knitting and knitting! I seem to knit a lot (my husband and kids think so anyway) but nothing every gets finished. It's not like I have several projects going at any given time either. So far, I've only worked on one project at a time. Yes, I think about the next project, buy yarn for the next project (lots o' yarn!) and look at patterns for the next project. But that next project is always waiting. I've got so much to knit! I best get busy!

My latest finished project: a first attempt at a keyhole scarf. The pictures don't do it justice.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Simple Saturday

How I enjoy a great photo! Just wish I could take one! I practice every chance I get. My mom and I went to a daylily farm to tour the various daylillies in the many prepared beds. The varieties were colorful and I managed to come home with a Chicago Sunrise and a Pardon Me as well as a few photos!

A little something spied on my mom's back porch.

Who can resist the fascination of a ladybug!

Lonely Tomato

I planted two tomato plants at the side of my house in the landscaping in May. Both plants appear to be growing quite nicely with lots of blooms. I monitor them quite frequently to make sure the family dog has not nibbled the branches because she loves to trim my landscaping. Seems all is well. I became quite excited when a tiny green bud appeared and it has grown to the size of a tennis ball and is nice and green.'s the only one! I keep waiting for it to turn red but there is no hint of it turning. There are lots of other blooms but nothing is becoming of them. Unforturnately, the soil is extremely poor on the property, mostly clay. It may be that the plants' roots have hit the clay soil and can't seem to grow any more. Who knows. I love green tomatoes but I thought I'd let the first one turn red. I can't wait for the lucious taste of something that is not HOT HOUSE!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Purse

My daughter picked out this purse pattern from the book Pursenality Plus. This is the Double Delight. She picked out the colors, beads and handles. This is what it looked like when I finally finished knitting it. So far so good. I thought it turned out quite nice. This is before felting.

It didn't shrink as much as I would've liked so I felted it twice. It appears to be much larger than the photo in the book and what my daughter would like it to be. I tried to come up with other ways to decorate the purse so that she would be happy with it and use it. She suggested making it into a bag with a drawstring around the top for a closure.

I thought that would be a great idea and realized she was going to use it to lug her things to the pool. As I looked for some sort of drawstring and embelishments I realized that this was becoming an expensive project...the yarn alone was around $27.00. Mind you, I had bought beads and handles too. I did find some neat handles in the curtain/tassle department, and the right color too. Then I found some very nice buttons. I thought they would be nice to hook the handles onto. Dummy me wasn't thinking. I only bought two buttons and I needed four.

I was so excited about my purchases that Iwas determined to finish this purse Friday night. I had to make a run out anyway to Wally World so while I was there I checked out their sewing department and bought more buttons, different from the original. Finally home, I began my task of finishing the purse. My husband put in a movie, Jarhead. I worked on knitting the loop that would be the closure for the purse. I knitted during the whole movie and finished about the time it was over. The rest was tedious but I finally finished!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I love being creative. Unfortunately my creative abilities seem to fall behind my creative ideas for projects. I attribute my latest hobby to my most creative friend, Ragged Around the Edges. She coaxed me into and is teaching me knitting and I thoroughly enjoy it. In spending time with her and learning this new hobby, I have come to realize she has some very creative talents. She's quite the photographer. I love the pictures of her projects and other subjects she posts on her website. I have also learned more about her. She's a generous, kind soul and I enjoy her friendship very much.

Below are my finished projects since learning knitting. I have tried very hard to keep up with Ragged but she is so much more advanced.

My First Projects: Scarves Second Project Third Scarf My first felted project: Before After:
My first hatMy Stash

I gave up reading as a hobby a long time ago and have been searching for a creative outlet. I am so thankful that I have found a hobby.