Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer is all but Gone!'s been a while since I've had anything of worthy interest to update here. Another purse is finally finished. Sorry to say that these pictures do not do the color justice. The yarn is Gallway and I think the color is Mango. The Fun Fur is Tuti Fruiti. It actually went together very well. I am going to try to make one of those felted flowers for embellishment. My eldest daughter will use this purse, so I might make the flower so it can be pinned on.

I am currently working a scarf and have begun my first sock. I chose a footie pattern. In my haste to get one started, I have cast on, created the ribbed edge and now I have no idea where to go next in reading the pattern. Needless to say the sock has been ripped out and begun three times already and I have realized my ribbed edge is wrong. Guess I should learn how to read the pattern before I begin my project huh? I was just too excited to begin. Never fear, Ragged will help me. She is becoming a sock connoisseur and has made some lovely creations.

I should have a lot more time for knitting projects now that my girls will be going back to school. They are both playing volleyball. I enjoy watching the games but sitting at tournaments, watching and waiting between matches can get a little boring without something interesting to occupy the time. This will be a great time to begin my winter projects and Christmas gifts.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

The purse is sooooo cute! I love how it came out and it felted really well!

We can figure the socks out, nothing wrong with ripping and ripping. I do it all the time.

Sheepelicious said...

I love the purse! The colors are fabulous! I might have to look into acquiring some of that yarn myself. I love working with Gallway yarns.

You probably figured the sock out already since you have help from Ragged, but just in case, I found this picture tutorial very handy: I'm totally visual and would have never gotten it down had it not been for this site and help from a friend. :)

Sheepelicious said...

Oh, that's really funny! I accidentally pasted your blog address into the spot where I intended to paste the sock tutorial. Silly me! Let's try this again: Hopefully this works. I do love your sock so far, by the way. :)