Sunday, November 26, 2006

Different Kind of Turkey

Our family typically celebrates thanksgiving in a traditional manner. Go to mom and dad's (or grandparents) house, (usually less than a 20 minute trip from home) take a dish, visit with family. Most of the women are gathered in the kitchen putting in their helping hand with the men watching a ballgame or the parade on the television and snacking (on food and beverages).

This year we did the same only in a different place. I have a sister who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and my dad called me early in the week of Thanksgiving to ask if we'd like to make a surprise visit to her house for turkey day. It would be a major road trip (16 hour trip) for just a two day visit. Spontaneous fun staring me in the face, I was up for it. We decided to keep it a secret because my sister had invited my aunt and uncle (my dad's sister) from South Carolina for Thanksgiving. My sister had plans to cook for them. We wanted to surprise them all. We packed the car on Wednesday morning and left Kentucky around 3 a.m.

The trip down wasn't toooooo bad. We kept conversing back and forth about whether to call my sister to let her know we are coming or keeping it as a we grew closer to the destination, my mom and I were beginning to get a little apprehensive about possibly intruding on the visitors that were invited to be there. We also reminisced about how one year we had made a trip to my aunt's house in South Carolina and surprised her.

As we approached my sister's house, probably about 5 miles from it, we get a cell call from her husband telling us that my aunt and uncle had arrived and they had finished dinner and were preparing to make pies for the upcoming T-day meal. It was probably around 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. Conversation was carried on while we were sitting outside their home in our car. We still had cell phone to ear when we knocked at the door. My two teenage girls were at the door first, for confusion and surprise. My uncle had passed his phone to my sister to answer the door. His disbelief at seeing the two girls was apparent when he blurted, "What the heck is going on?" As we all began trickling into the house the faces were so surprised! It was unbelievable that they really had no idea we were coming.....the cat had not been let out of the bag! It was great! It was an awesome surprise to all. The surprise alone was worth the trip.

We helped finish making the pies and assured my sister we would have enough food because we did bring some things in preparation. The next morning, we began our task of preparing the grand meal. The weather was awesome! (Thanksgiving Day in Kentucky is usually unpredictable. We may have a flurry or two or we may have 75 degree weather). The day had been extremelysunny, 60-75 degree weather....we sat on my sister's porch by the pool most of the day snacking and resting in between preparing dishes. After the meal, we decided to take a trek on the beach to make room for some pie! We had been snacking and eating all day it seemed. So, all the girls piled into the car and drove down to the beach to catch the sunset. I couldn't help thinking as we watched the sunset and felt the slightly cool breeze on our faces as to what a different kind of Thanksgiving Day it was, but how it was really kind of the same being with family. It was an overwhelming feeling to know that no matter where or how you celebrate it, that family makes it all so familiar.

A different kind of turkey!
(Pictures taken at St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
Thanksgiving - November 2006)


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Seems you had a very, very blessed holiday.

firefly said...

What an awesome Thanksgiving treat for you all! Loved the story!