Monday, January 08, 2007


Finally! I have been eagerly awaiting a package from my swap partner and it has arrived. I knew that it was arriving from New England and that they had some snow and ice right after Christmas which would delay the package. But it is finally here! It's filled with lots o' yarn and some coffee with a note from my partner. The yarn had been hand dyed and spun by a friend of hers and it came in a very large hank. The color is pretty and this will come in handy for Color Spectrum which I recently joined. What is really great about this hank is it gave me the opportunity to use my ball winder for the first time. A Christmas gift from my hubby. I couldn't wait to use it. He was kind enough to pose as the swift. This swap was my first and I am gearing up for another, the Knit Mitt Swap. I will mull over the package contents for my next swap while I enjoy the yummy coffee that was with the yarn I received.

Thanks Swap Partner!

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ooooh, handspun. I am teal with envy.