Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've been working on the February Lady Sweater and am still working on it. But I haven't had anything to say to the blog. Sorry. I lead a pretty boring life lately. I have been trying to "work out" more. I have some tonage to lose. I haven't been too successful at that. But I won't give up.

I have been knocking out a few chore like things that I've let go for more than a week or so....ok so it's been piling up like on one of those shows you see where they go in and the house is packed with junk. I can say I only have a few areas that look like that. And to think I laugh at those people and wonder how they let it get that far. But I can truly understand. But I've got to get a grip. If I don't it will spread to more than just a few areas and then I'll be the one someone is sitting on their couch watching in disbelief and thinking how can you let it get that far!

Anyway. No pictures, no interesting conversation...until I get this damn sweater finished. Oh and my other chores of course. As my friend Ragged says, "One bird at a time". And trust me. It is one bird at a time.

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