Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok, so it's been awhile since I've paid any attention to my blog. I've been busy. I haven't even picked up a knitting needle since July. I am taking a class. It's volleyball season....well it will be over by the end of this month and work has been busy. Not that you don't deserve attention, but you're mainly a knitting blog and I have done nothing, hear me, n o t h i n g! I have surfed knitting websites and keep up with some knitting email. Ragged has created some wonderful items. I am so jealous.....she knits so well. Her work is so neat. I'd like to see her wear some of it. But I don't see her that often, maybe she does wear it.

I guess I am a one project person and right now my project is my class. That might change soon though. Not sure I'm cut out for school anymore. I know where to get info or learn how to do something if I need to. I can read anytime I want to expand my mind. I'm not stupid. I just don't have the little piece of paper that says that I've attained that bachelor degree! :) Maybe it will come in time.

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