Thursday, December 16, 2010


A friend just reminded me that it's nice to count your blessings.  I actually have two friends that do that very well.  I have neglected this blog.  I haven't done a lot of knitting....but I am working on something.  Maybe I'll post some pics as it progresses.  I will have more time to devote to knitting as I am not signing up for any more college classes.....I know, some may look at that with dismay, but really, you have to look at your situation sometimes.  I've taken a hard look at mine and determined that I would never get my return on my efforts of what I would hope to be the outcome of finally achieving such a feat.  It really, honestly, would not change anything in my life drastically enough to put the time and effort toward it, not even monetarily.  I find that I like to take courses that are directed at learning more specific information.  I also know that the internet, library and bookstores are places to find out what you want to know....ultimately, that's what the paper from college really tells can learn.  Yeah, maybe I have some weak spots that might benefit from a college class or two...I am not opposed to taking a class here and there.  I just can't devote the time to getting a degree....I've figured it up, I'd be retired by the time I received it.  Then what? 

Oh well, now that my final is over I am planning what I will do with my time.  Some knitting, maybe some sewing, blog journaling, spending more time with good friends, some working out....ok, a lot of working out!  I'm ready for it. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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