Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Larch of it All

My first mini shawl. . .
I've been working on this poor thing ever since I was gifted this lovely yarn in January 2011. It has been picked out and restarted once and every row has been picked back and re-knit at least twice. I am trying to finish it so I can begin another...I know, yes, begin another. I am hoping this one will make me so knowledgeable that it won't take as long to knit another...of course I will use another more unfamiliar pattern.

I noticed that this pattern is just like my GPS navigator...just trust and do what it says. Put all your faith in, relax and just flow with it. I hope after doubting enough I will come to realize that my having that faith and trust will make me a better knitter. . . or driver.

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