Friday, March 23, 2007


My SP10 host has asked that we blog about our favorite knitting accessory. (There could be a prize involved too!) For me, the stitch marker would be my favorite accessory for two reasons. Stitch markers are the jewelry for knitting and are an essential tool for a knitter’s bag. I haven’t been knitting long. My pattern tastes are along the advanced level knitter however my skill level is still in the easy/beginner range. It’s kind of like shopping. I have expensive taste on a sow’s ear purse. Anyway, the items I’ve knitted rarely require the use of a stitch marker. But, I find uses for them on my own such as placing a particular number of stitches between the markers to eliminate the repetitive counting that sometimes has to be done to maintain a pattern. I have a tendency to not trust my stitching and count stitches even though they are marked. But having those shiny bobbles dangling or peeping from my stitches looks really nice on my potential garment. Hopefully it gives the illusion to others that I am knitting some elaborate piece that needs the stunning sparkle to keep me straight on where and what I am doing in the pattern or that it may give the appearance that I am a more accomplished knitter than I actually am. I like that. The only problem with stitch markers are that they tend to disappear. When I clean my house, I find them everywhere, under the couch cushions, under the couch, in my bed, laying on my nightstand, in my car and sometimes in my pockets. So you see they don’t stay around long. I was given a pair of very nice handmade markers in a swap and have already lost one. I was saddened because it was hand made with pretty beads and given to me as a gift, and it was one of a pair. They reminded me of pretty, dangly earrings, or those pretty wine glass markers that are so popular hence the jewelry of knitting. As a tool, they are handy to have for use. Whatever that use may be, the marker is one of the essential tools in a knitter’s bag. I hear men tell of the fascination of their tools….and drool when they speak of tools….well, I drool when I speak of my favorite tools for my hobby, stitch markers.

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Knitting Mama said...

Where oh where did you find that little tin with the knitting girl on it?? I love it!