Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!


Check this picture out closely. Notice anything unusual? I've knitted my stitch marker into the sock! This is my first pair of socks and I must say......"FINALLY!" I've been struggling with knitting socks, particularly the heel portion. Of course, this being my first finished pair of socks, they are not perfect. The first sock of the pair has a kitchener finished toe that is perfect. The second sock of the pair has a kitchener finished toe that was done on the outside of the sock instead of the inside. How did I manage that? I haven't the slightest idea. How'd I manage to knit the stitch marker into the sock? Well, it was easy......for me. I love the style of this footie, however, it is a child's size and my girls wear the adult size....wonder where I can find the pattern for the adult size? These are what my girls prefer...they don't really wear the regular ankle socks anymore unless it is around the house. I wish I could get the hang of knitting socks. I am going to try again with a different yarn and a different pattern and perhaps a different type heel. I wish I could find the most simplist of heel turning patterns. Wish me luck! - I'm gonna need it if I continue to try to enter the creative world of sock knitters! It's a craze I would like to experience but not quite there yet.

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