Saturday, June 02, 2007


I know I missed the deadline for posting about my works in progress but I thought I would go ahead and post about mine anyhow. It was kinda nice digging into my project basket. I found several things that I thought I'd misplaced or lost! It was great! I also realized that I had fewer projects on the needles than I had thought. That was a great feeling.

The booga bag was started back last Sept/Oct and what's been
completed on it so far was probably done the first two days of the beginning.

This sweater was started last November. It is a really easy pattern
from Vogue. I started it when the Grey's Knit Along
began and when I realized it was going to be too small
for the intended recipient (me), I kinda gave up on it.
I didn't know anything about gauge and still
don't. But I am going to frog this and try something else.

This baby sweater was started back in
January for a friend of mine who was
having a baby due in April. The baby
girl has been born, around the first of
April and here the gift sits, with an
unattached sleeve.

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