Sunday, September 02, 2007

Here I Am!

Sorry, it's been a while since I've logged a blog. A lot has been going on this summer. After our trip to Mexico, we began to prepare my oldest daughter for college - it's her freshman year. Dropping her off wasn't as bad as I had imagined....although some deja vous did creep in from my college experience when I tried to help her unpack. She gave me the same reaction that I gave my mother when she tried to help me on that first day. When I saw it, I recognized it immediately and tried my best to back off. I think I did alright. When we finally left her, I was ready to go. She's been doing fine. Actually, the hardest part of her being away is that I can't actually see her enjoying herself.

Once she was settled, I began work on an ad booklet for my youngest daughter's volleyball team. I thought it would be easy to do this year because I had actually did last year's and thought all I would have to do was drop in the ads that weren't already there. But, all the rosters of the different teams had to be changed and some other stuff. It ended up becoming a bit rushed because I didn't give myself enough time to get it done. But it turned out pretty nice.

Now I am helping my sisters and brother plan for my dad's 70th birthday. I am in charge of making a video for the occasion. I have yet to begin. I will have a lot of pictures to scan in on the computer and it will take time. I've yet to pick out very many good pictures. Hopefully it will fall into place.

I've also been very busy as work trying to get caught up or stay caught up. My house has become very messy and not much knitting has been attempted.

As you can imagine, not much knitting has been done. I did knit about four face cloths for my daughter to take with her to college. I also knitted her a change bowl. My first bowl. It was a bit larger than I had intended. Hopefully she'll find a use for it.

I also started an oven mitt which lacks the thumb and needs to be felted before finished. This past Saturday I started a skinny scarf that I finished this morning.

I am getting excited about Monday because
Ragged Around the Edges and I planned a trip to our local yarn shop which is holding a holiday sale. She called me on Saturday to let me know that another fellow knitter/blogger will be joining us. I am excited to meet her. I've heard such good things about her and she's very good at knitting socks......a sock knitting champ I believe. I think she taught Ragged to knit too.

I have some great projects planned......I just hope I can get the patterns and yarn and start on them. I am getting excited about knitting again. More on our finds later!

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