Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I get this way every year. I get pretty excited about the prospect of decorating the house and making it warm and cozy, excited about getting caught up in the season of giving, excited about bringing good cheer to my family, friends and some neighbors. But after I get started, hear the girls fight over trimming the tree, fight with my beloved over how the outside should be decorated. Fret over my gift list, mull over the food I'd like to have around for the holidays, I just lose my momentum. Plus I work full time so that really gets to me at this time of year. Always a lot of year end stuff to finish up. I guess it's just overwhelming or something. But I want to be excited and festive. I want to feel like a kid again. I guess it's my own fault but why do I let it get me down? I just feel like I don't have enough time. In a way, I guess I don't.

I haven't started any Christmas knitting. The way I knit, it's too late to even begin a Christmas gift in hopes of finishing it in time. That's depressing. (I have a good friend who might like a nice soft scarf.)

Ok, I resolve to come out of this funk. Maybe some Christmas spirits would help!

(This post is in response to friends wanting to see a new post. Sorry, this is why I haven't posted.)

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